Response Commitment

zero-max assumes a commitment to respond, to any type of query, a maximum of 4 business hours.

Conditions to distribution

To distribute zero-max products you must demonstrate your status as a company in the sector, and enjoy a recognized solvency, both technical and economic.

By meeting these requirements you can access different ways of distributing our products in advantageous conditions. For more information contact us through the distribution form.

It is also possible to access special conditions for certain operations with the Public Administration, signaling the operation and offering advantageous conditions.

    Street Emilia Pardo Bazán, N° 18. 50018,
    Zaragoza – Spain.

    Phone (+34) 976 910 100

    Pontevedra – Spain.

    Phone (+34) 654 300 307

    Av. de Lugo 32-34, bajo
    15707 Santiago de Compostela – Spain.

    Phone (+34) 981 570 101

    Street San Roque 43, bajo
    27002 Lugo – Spain.

    Phone (+34) 982 280 381