Warranty Service

At zero-max we sincerely trust that the Warranty Service does not have to be used, thanks to the quality of the products offered In any case, we have designed our guarantee service uniquely oriented to the full satisfaction of the client.

The clarity of the terms and procedures will facilitate attention whenever necessary.

As standard,  all our products have a 3 year warranty, expandable to 5 years if the optional “Premium” warranty is contracted.

Response Commitment:

zero-max assumes a commitment to respond, to any type of query, a maximum of 4 business hours

ZM Standard Warranty

All zero-max products are delivered with a 3-year warranty, both to private clients and to business clients or public administration. This warranty covers the parts to be repaired or replaced and the labor necessary for it. It also covers shipping costs from zero-max to the customer once the computer or component has been repaired, provided the fault is covered by the warranty. It does not cover customer shipping costs to zero-max.

Please, consult in this same section the conditions to know the procedures to follow in the guarantee service.

ZM- Premium warranty extension

The ZM-Premium warranty extension can be contracted at the time of purchase of the computer, or within 12 months of the purchase of the computer, at any time during this period.

The ZM-Premium warranty extends the warranty period to 5 years from the date of purchase of the computer. In addition, it includes the costs of collecting and delivering the computer in case of a repair covered by the warranty.

Please, consult in this same section the conditions to know the procedures to follow in the guarantee service.

After Sales Service

At zero-max we have a goal, to differentiate ourselves by the service we offer to our customers. Much of the good management of incidents depends on you. Following these small rules will make solutions quick and efficient.

Incidents in receiving products.

From the reception of the merchandise the claims, as for defect in the state or quantity, must be made by email to the address rma@zero-max.es indicating the number of the invoice or the order, description of the incident , serial number of the product to be processed and contact information. This communication must be made within 48 calendar hours from receipt of it.

These incidents are covered by insurance and after that period zero-max cannot claim them.

Incidence with zero-max products.

At zero-max we are so sure of the very low failure rate of each of our equipment that if it fails within the first 15 calendar days from the shipment to our client, we will directly exchange it for a new one. (DOA)

The zero-max technical service attends to all hardware incidents that occur. Those related to installations or reinstallations of software, operating system, drivers and applications in general that the client installs, are not covered in the warranty. These facilities will be the sole and exclusive responsibility of the client.

If you have a hardware issue, contact zero-max at the email address rma@zero-max.es, or through the specific form for this on the web http://www.zero-max.es, indicating the invoice or order number, description of the incident, serial number of the equipment to be processed and contact information. We will get in touch, by email or by phone as soon as possible.

Zero-max response commitment in a maximum of 4 business hours from the receipt of the email or receipt of the web form

If the incident cannot be resolved by following our indications through the communication channels mentioned above, we will indicate where you should send the computer or the defective component (if the fault is located) for later review by our technical service. If no hardware fault is found and the problem is caused by improper installation or malfunction of the software (including the operating system, even if it had been acquired in conjunction with the equipment), or for any other reason that zero-max is not responsible, the customer will have to pay the transport costs (shipping and return). If there is indeed a hardware breakdown covered by the warranty, the computer or component will be exchanged or repaired and returned to the customer at paid postage.

If the computer has a fault that was not covered by the warranty, zero-max will establish a budget for the customer for the repair of the equipment. If the client does not accept the zero-max budget, he will return the computer and the client will pay the expenses for return transportation.

In the case of customers who have contracted the ZM-Premium warranty extension, there will be no transportation costs for the customer as long as the alleged fault is covered by the warranty. In this case, zero-max will be responsible for the collection of the equipment and its subsequent shipment once repaired.

Attention: Before sending the equipment, make a backup copy of the stored data. This can be formatted if the technical service considers it appropriate.

zero-max is not responsible for the loss of data on the computer. Attention: The legal guarantees will not be applied in the repair of the possible damages that are derived from a cause external to the device (for example, accident, shock, lightning, current problems…) or of an erroneous maneuver on the part of the client ( for example, a use or installation that does not conform to the manufacturer’s specifications, a use that is detrimental to the proper functioning of the device, a commercial or collective use, or a use of incompatible peripherals, accessories or consumables).

Processing of a defective product (RMA request)

To manage a defective product under warranty or RMA, it will be necessary to send an email to the address rma@zero-max.es indicating the invoice or order number, description of the incident / breakdown, serial number of the product to be processed and data contact. In this address you will be given an RMA Number with which you will have to identify the package to be sent. All items must arrive at our facilities without stickers in the original packaging, complete (accessories, power cables, chargers, …) and packed in perfect condition. Do not put identification stickers in the original box, it is necessary to pack the item. Please attach, purchase invoice of the product to be processed.

– If you have a standard warranty, send the merchandise through your transport agency. paid freight. If the product has another after-sales service, it will be notified when the RMA number is provided.

– In case you have contracted the ZM-Premium guarantee, zero-max will take care of the collection of the equipment, and will send you the instructions to follow

Treatment of merchandise in our facilities:

1) Once the damaged and / or non-compliant material has been received, it will be physically checked, examined and tested (if applicable) for the fault described.

2) If the product works correctly or is not covered by your warranty, it will be returned in the same conditions as it is due.

3) If the described fault is confirmed, the payment, repair or exchange of the material will proceed as appropriate. (In the last two cases, the material will be sent back to the customer in paid postage).

The guarantee will not apply in case of carelessness in the use and maintenance of the product, connection to electrical installations or any other type of connection not in accordance with the regulations.


If the customer requests a return of the received merchandise, they will have a maximum return period of seven calendar days from the date of delivery and as long as it meets the following requirements:

1) Call our customer service (981 57 01 01) to provide a return authorization number.

2) The return of a product that has been requested under the client’s special order will not be accepted. (Specific custom configurations)

3) Inside the package you must include a photocopy of the email where you have indicated your authorization number for returning the product, along with the invoice / delivery note. The package must be identified outside with the aforementioned authorization number. zero-max will reject any package that does not meet any of the above requirements.

4) The product must be complete and in perfect condition and in its original box (packaging, seals, accessories such as manuals, drives, cables, etc.). Otherwise the product will be rejected.

5) It is necessary to PACK THE ORIGINAL BOX with the product. The original box cannot carry any transport sticker or seal of any kind that affects the image of the original box. Otherwise, the return would not be accepted.

6) Software packages will only be paid if all their original seals are kept intact and without breaking. And they are products that the activation number is not visible.

7) Send the merchandise to the address:

Avda. De Lugo 32-34, under

8) To send the product has a period of 2 calendar days from the date of receipt of the return authorization number of the product.

9) Merchandise must necessarily be remitted to paid postage.

10) Failure to comply with any of the requirements indicated above will entitle zero-max not to accept the return and refuse the merchandise.

11) Once the merchandise is received, it will be checked by zero-max that all the merchandise is in perfect condition and will proceed to PAY it. An email will be sent informing you that you proceed to this solution.

The Warranty does not cover:

The warranty does not cover those defects caused by improper use and / or handling of the product other than that necessary to establish its nature, characteristics or operation. In those cases the consumer must take care of their repair. They are therefore excluded from the guarantee:

  • Defects and deterioration caused by external events, accidents, mainly electrical accidents, wear and use not in accordance with the manufacturer.
  • Products modified or repaired by the customer or any other unauthorized person, as well as the products that are the subject of a specific support contract.
  • Incorrect software / hardware configuration, by the customer, of a device, component or peripheral. Incorrect software / hardware configuration or equipment failure caused by a component not supplied by the manufacturer and incorporated by the customer.

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